Are you ready to Patent your Intellectual Property?

This course is the first step in getting your invention ready to talk to your patent attorney. It will help you design the patent to meet your business needs, not just help you get an expensive plaque on the wall.  Each participant will receive a copy of “Investing in Patents.”

The workshop will introduce you to Invention Canvas, a single-page tool for evaluating the business aspects of an invention prior to patenting. Not only will it cover the basics required by the Patent Office, the Canvas will evaluate enforceability and capture the economic value of your invention. This tool is used to expand the invention, generate business cases to support an investment, and make sure this is a good invention for patenting. The goal is to make a data-based decision on whether your invention is worth the investment of a patent.

You’ll discuss the best way to collaborate with other people in the startup community and how to encourage – not discourage – collaboration. The heart of the community is the Ethical Collaboration Agreement, which puts every one on the same page and breaks down the barriers to helping each other in an ethical, respectful manner.

Russ Krajec is the author of “Investing in Patents: Everything a Startup Investor needs to Know About Patents.” Russ’s no-nonsense, business-focused approach to intellectual property has earned him high praise. As a co-founder of Concurix, a software startup in Seattle subsequently acquired by Microsoft, Russ developed and honed analysis tools for intellectual property. These tools were expanded when he founded BlueIron, a patent financing business. Russ is not the conventional patent attorney, although he has written and prosecuted several hundred patents. Russ has over 30 issued US patents, and was an accomplished engineer  prior to becoming a patent attorney.

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Date(s) - Tue, Oct 24, 2017
3:00 pm - 4:30 pm

Location & Directions
The Business Incubator Center


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