Mesa County’s Enterprise Zone provides various tax credits and incentives to encourage expansion, location, or private enterprise and quality jobs in targeted areas. The Colorado Legislature created the Enterprise Zone program to promote a business friendly environment in economically distressed areas by offering state income tax credits that incentivize businesses to locate and develop in these communities as well as non-profits organizations to assist with the needs of these communities.

The Enterprise Zone program offers various Colorado tax credits for:

• Businesses Located in the Enterprise Zone
• Donors who contribute to approved Enterprise Zone Contribution Projects

The Mesa County Enterprise Zone Committee is made up of representatives from local government, chambers of commerce, and human services community from throughout the county. They have established the following objectives for the local program:

  • To promote the creation and retention of jobs which provide employment opportunities for citizens of Mesa County.
  • To support diversification of the local economy.
  • To encourage the development of industrial land and properties to promote the growth of business.
  • To support the long-term economic vitality of existing centers of commercial activity.
  • To encourage continued investment in new and/or expanding agricultural enterprise.
  • To enhance the aspects of quality of life in Mesa County which are integral to a vibrant business climate through support of the arts, education, transportation, healthcare, affordable housing, and cultural and recreational programs. Mesa County relies on recommendations from this Committee to make decisions regarding the Zone. Mesa County has contracted with the Business Incubator Center to administer the program.

Effective 1/1/2016, there were significant changes to the Mesa County Enterprise Zone boundaries. To determine if your location is currently in the EZ, click on the button below.

For a list of the Mesa County Enterprise Zone Qualified Contribution Projects, please go to:

State law requires that the Enterprise Zones be updated every ten years, with January 1, 2016 being the effective date of the most recent remapping. If a business was located inside the Enterprise Zone in 2015 but not after 1/1/16, utilized EZ tax credits while at that location, and can document that they used the potential for EZ tax credits when making their decision to locate or expand at that location, they may apply for Grandfathering.