Coffee Club

Coffee Club

January 19th-   Ed Krey and Kelly Murphy with Lighthouse HR Support

We start at 9a brewing issues as pertain to small business from their respective perspective.  Joining F*works and the Business Incubator Center in November is Kelly Murphy and Ed Krey.

HR rules and regs, becoming a constant and always good to be planning for compliance.  Kelly and Ed will be with us to share what may be new for 2o24 we should be aware of for our small businesses.

Kelly and Ed are with Lighthouse HR Support providing all things HR, employee manuals, legislation implementation, group benefits, background screening, unemployment solutions, and ever-growing broad spectrum of human resource needs. Lighthouse HR Support guides development of effective retention programs, review of termination practices, and creating training programs.

Kelly and Ed are looking forward to having a cup with the business community in Fruita.

Coffee Club at F*works and the Fruita Chamber aim to provide benefit professionally to small businesses and connection to the community. Networking with Coffee Club mixes businesses looking to discuss their small business experience and provide informative subjects of interest to the local small business community, beyond just spreading the word about their business.





Jan 19 2024


9:00 am - 10:00 am


325 E Aspen Ave. Fruita, CO

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