Coffee Club

Coffee Club

We start at 9a brewing issues as pertain to small business from their respective perspective.  Joining F*works and the Business Incubator Center in July is Kristen Donahue.

Kristin is an entrepreneur, coach, leader, and local business owner. Her career started in healthcare human resources and has transitioned to providing HR consulting and professional development for small businesses. Her focus is engagement and retention – creating a culture that encourages employees to show up and allows employers to get the most from their workforce. In some form or other, Kristin has spent the last 24 years supporting business owners. Kristin now puts her entrepreneurial experience and coaching skills to work as an implementer with EOS Worldwide. As the only EOS Implementer on the Western Slope, Kristin is eager to share the simple concepts and practical tools that help business-owners get more of what they want from their business and their life.


Have you ever felt stuck? Frustrated? Overwhelmed? In business (and in life) this is inevitable! It happens to all of us, but there are ways to break through. Kristin will lead a discussion around “Hitting the Ceiling” – reaching a point where you or your business stop growing. She will share five leadership abilities that help you break through the ceiling. And together, we will identify ways to strengthen these abilities during your day-to-day work as business-owners and community leaders.


Kristen is looking forward to having a cup with the small business community in Fruita. Thanks for attending, we will see you for coffee Friday, June 16th at 9am. We’ll be in our new conference room adjoining the F*works co-working space on the 2nd floor.

Coffee Club at F*works hopes to provide benefit professionally to small businesses and connection to the community. Networking with Coffee Club mixes businesses looking to discuss their small business experience and provide informative subjects of interest to the local small business community, beyond just spreading the word about their business.


No registration required!




Jun 16 2023


9:00 am - 10:00 am


325 E Aspen Ave. Fruita, CO

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