Sarah FogleOn any given day, one might find Ben and Sarah Fogle working side–by–side. Maybe they are framing a new house, a house that will soon be home for a western Colorado family. Or maybe the day’s agenda calls for them to install cabinets, or to texture drywall in preparation for painting tomorrow. Fogle Custom Homes is a family–owned–and–operated business that has one goal: Create dream homes, homes known for their impeccable craftsmanship and built with the utmost attention to detail.

The Fogles started Fogle Custom Homes in 2019. They are doing exactly what they planned. They are building homes where families will create lasting memories. Their two boys make up the rest of the family business. The boys, Wyatt age 10 and Henry age 7, are growing up on jobsites, much like their mom did.

Sarah is a fourth–generation carpenter. She learned her craft from her father. Sarah is responsible for much of the operational and administrative side of the business, but she loves to swing a hammer alongside her husband. Ben is a general contractor and builder with 25 years of experience in the construction industry. In that time, he’s had the opportunity to work in various areas of construction, gaining the extensive knowledge and valuable experience that he brings to their company.

Ben FogleRunning Fogle Custom Homes is Sarah’s second career, though. Before starting the business, she was a dental hygienist. When she and Ben decided to form Fogle Custom Homes she had no idea how to run a small business. An online search led her to the Business Incubator Center. “I started by taking a couple of classes, found a coach, and then took the LEADING EDGE course at the beginning of 2023,” she said. “Joe Elliot was an incredible resource and guide through the entire course. Over the last two years, the resources I have been able to access at the Small Business Development Center have been instrumental in growing our business and I am so grateful to their incredible team that cares so much about nurturing small businesses and helping them thrive.”

The Fogles believe that collaboration between builder and client is the key to any successful project. Collaboration from start to finish builds meaningful relationships and ultimately, satisfied clients. And its satisfied clients that make Fogle Custom Homes a successful company.