We are a Community of…



Artists of all Mediums


We’re an open-source loving group, committed to sharing knowledge, providing access to technology, and helping entrepreneurs develop.

We are membership-based, non-profit, workshop/laboratory providing tools, knowledge, and learning resources for our members.

  • The resources available to our members are there for them to learn, experiment, or develop products/projects.
  • Everyone in our community is encouraged to share their knowledge to help other learn something new. The GJmakerspace also holds unique educational events and showcases member’s projects to further the educational needs of our members.
  • At the GJmakerspace, we believe that collaboration and sharing is an effective form of education, breaking from the norm in our current culture (private workspace is available for those who need to keep their project under wraps for a while!)

The public is welcome to visit and find out what we are all about! You might even walk out with your own 3D printed object!


Become a member/donate/volunteer, so we can expand the equipment offered to makers, inventors, locals, and more. Your help will also go toward bringing more projects and other needed resources to keep building the maker community in Mesa County!

Please visit the Maker’s Space website at: www.gjmakerspace.org  for information on how to become a member,
updates on dates/times, classes, events and new equipment .


  • 3D Printing
  • Laser Etching/Cutting
  • Electronic Design
  • Tabletop CNC
  • Cut & Sew
  • Woodworking
  • General Tools
  • More every month!