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The GJmakerspace is an innovative shop of entrepreneurs, inventors, artists, scientists, farmers, business members, and tinkerers who are all Makers.


Workforce Innovation Project (WIP)

The Workforce Innovation Project (WIP) is a joint effort by the Grand Junction Area Chamber of Commerce, the Mesa County Workforce Center, and the Business Incubator Center whose goal is to provide skills-based manufacturing training to both new job seekers and those already employed in manufacturing.

WIP training consists of a real-world skills-based online curriculum aimed at developing understanding of various manufacturing principles and techniques, combined with a hands-on shop work component aimed at developing and/or increasing specific skill sets. The program is competency based (at the 100% level) and tailored to the participant’s schedule and needs.

If you’re interested in more detailed information about the WIP, please contact the instructor/mentor for the program:

Email Wayne Wall or call (518) 461-8565 (Cell phone, voice & text message)



Our Tool Set

  • 3D Printers

  • Laser Etching/Cutting

  • CNC Routers

  • Electronic Design (Arduino and Raspberry Pi Micro-controllers)

  • Stained Glass

  • Sewing – NEW

  • Woodworking – NEW

  • Render Farm – NEW

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Open Hours

Open hours to be reinstated soon. Tours and visits by appointment only.

Email or call (970) 248-2985 or
(970) 243-5242.

Monthly Maker MeetUp

First Monday of every month (except January) from 6-8pm. Join us for demonstrations, talks, and collaboration with fellow makers. Non-members welcome!

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  • info@gjmakerspace.org

  • The Business Incubator Campus
    Technology Bld
    2591 Legacy Way
    Grand Junction, CO 81503

    Makerspace main entrance – use the south side doors.

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Makerspace main entrance – use the south side doors.

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GJmakerspace is a program of the Business Incubator Center, a non-profit organization providing resources to build our Maker community.