Martin Duarte (Project Manager), Lori Siegesmund (Owner), Michelle Powell (Office Manager)

Business: SafeSpace Builders

Owner: Lori Siegesmund

SafeSpace Builders was brought to life when Lori realized there was a need for Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant construction specialists in the Grand Junction area.

As Grand Junction’s population has been growing, the city has been seeing a greater need for more senior living facilities. There has also been an increase in outdoor recreation enthusiasts, and unfortunately those activities can lead to serious injuries which make it difficult for people to get around in their homes while they heal.

SafeSpace Builders’ installs temporary or permanent ADA compliant equipment in residential spaces so people can have the opportunity to live their golden years in their homes, or to offer a safe place to recover from injuries.

Martin Duarte has been brought on as SafeSpace Builders’ Project. He carries an extensive construction background, but to Martin, SafeSpace Builders is more than a construction company. His wife, Angela, is living with Multiple Sclerosis, so Martin has a great understanding of the importance of having a safe home to live in, and the need for ADA construction specialists.

Lori has been working with local consultant, Shelley Clennin, to ensure that she and her staff are up to date on all ADA codes and regulations. SafeSpace Builders is also a Medicaid Certified Provider, giving them the ability to guide you through the steps of making your home ADA compliant under Medicaid, beginning with the home evaluation and assessment process.

SafeSpace Builders provides all temporary or permanent ADA construction from ramps and lifts to partial or entire home remodels. While ADA residential needs are at the forefront of their work, they are also equipped to take on ADA commercial contracts.

Fun Fact: Lori is also the owner of 579 Construction, and both companies are tenants here at BIC!


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