Who: Air Freshener Marketing

Owner: Aden Cesmat

What does Air Freshener Marketing do?

We work with businesses to provide unique marketing through custom air fresheners.

What inspired you to start this business?

Everyone I know owns a car and research shows that 2 out of 3 people have some sort of a fragrance in their vehicle.

Tell us a little about yourself.

I purchased my first business my freshman year of college. Business is my hobby. I’m a nerd.

Describe a typical day for you.

I spend most of my day in my email responding to clients and working with my contracted employees across the world.

What brought you to the Business Incubator Program?

Referral from the CMU Innovation Center

How can people get in touch with you?

W: www.airfreshenermarketing.com

Facebook: @airfreshenermarketing

About the Incubator Program

The Business Incubator Center offers an intensive, five-year business support program that accelerates the successful development of start-ups and fledgling companies by providing entrepreneurs with an array of industry-specific resources and services. Businesses accepted into the Incubator Program are housed on campus with direct access to business consultants and workshops, regular financial and business reviews, and networking opportunities.

Client companies extend to all types of industries, including manufacturing, service, and office space spread throughout the 35,000 square-foot mixed-use space on 46 acres right outside of downtown Grand Junction, Colorado.

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