Watch out, Grand Junction! There’s a new foodie entrepreneur in town, and she’s not afraid to shake things up with her fusion cuisine.

“You can call me Chef Esme. I am a proud Mexican woman who has endured a difficult life – from growing up extremely poor, not having a place to call home, and not knowing what it was like to have parents. I now am a single mother of three children who resides in Grand Junction, Colorado.

I was born in Boulder, Colorado. I lived in Texas, Mexico, and I call Tri-Cities, Washington my home. I graduated from CMU May 2019, [and] obtained an Associate’s Degree, and majored in Culinary Arts.

I am a chef whose culture is based on her Mexican roots. I have visited and met people from different regions of this world. I took a piece of that experience with me and been able to add that flavor into my cooking, creating a culture with a fusion that represents me.”

-Esmeralda Guzman, Owner of La Cultura

From Washington to Mexico, Chef Esme has lived in many places and draws from those experiences for culinary inspiration. She earned her associate’s degree in culinary arts from Colorado Mesa University in 2019. She is passionate about preparing delicious meals for others and combining flavors inspired by different cultures.

La Cultura’s Mission

“Every bite has a history. Express your cultural identity and feel connected through our culture’s food while you create a new memory. La Cultura is a fusion cuisine where you can expand your palate and indulge in a diversity of different flavors and ingredients in many ways. A food culture with no restrictions.”

The Menu & Where to Find Her

La Cultura specializes in burritos on the go that are perfect for an office luncheon or breakfast meeting. Her sample menu (below) includes all the classic flavor combos. Make sure to check out her website and social media as she rotates in different fusion-style menu options like jerk chicken burritos and flavorful tamales weekly!

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