Anyone can start a business. After all, spend a little time on the Internet and you’ll know everything you need to about getting your business doors open. Or will you? It’s not just making sure you know which type of entity you want your business to be, such as sole proprietorship, LLC, Corporation, etc., and where to file the correct documents for that. No, sir, there is a whole lot more involved in starting, and SUCCESSFULLY running your own business.

BICheader_smallThe Business Incubator has been around for more than 25 years. We’ve launched 263 comapnies during that time, and our success rate for survival after 5 years (a standard set by the government) is 81%, vs. the non-incubated rate of 45% average (source: Statistic Brain). In addition to businesses that are tenant client companies, we help existing and start-up businesses located outside the Incubator. What do we provide that you couldn’t find for yourself? Free coaching from real people, who’ve been there/done that, successfully. Our coaches include bankers, marketing gurus, retail store owners, consultants that normally charge for their services, lawyers, accountants, and many others. These coaches know what it’s like to run a business and they understand what you’re going through.

pumping-up-the-dreamThe Incubator offers low-or-no cost classes on topics ranging from How to Start a Business in Western Colorado, which is a 2 ½ hour overall class that touches on just about every aspect of getting ready to open a business, to Fast Trac classes, which are 1 hour topic-specific lunch and learns, to Bookkeeping Bootcamp, Quckbooks, Account Receivable, Employee Handbooks, and many, many more. In addition, our flagship Leading Edge program is an intensive program held every Tuesday night for twelve weeks twice per year. This class is for both start-ups AND existing businesses that are ready to take it to the next level.

Companies that are accepted into the Incubation Program become residents on our gated 46 acre campus, occupying space in our manufacturing, services or technology buildings.  BIC tenants enroll in the 5 year program, with rents 25% below market, increasing by 5% per year until they are at market rate and are ready to move out into the community as a stand-alone. Tenant clients enjoy shared services including a main lobby with receptionist, conference rooms, A/V equipment, color copy/print/scan equipment, postage meter, breakrooms, utilities included or reduced by more than half of normal, a fully equipped gym, outdoor spaces such a paved pergola area with patio furniture, hiking trails, large lawns, and plenty of parking. Kitchen clients have 24-hour-access to a licensed commercial kitchen with all the amenities. As client companies, Incubator tenants have full-time access to staff and volunteer coaches, meet regularly to discuss the ups and downs of their business, network with other tenants, and get help with in every aspect of their business they need. With pick-up and delivery from UPS, Fed Ex, the US Post Office and a bulk mail carrier, it’s easy to do business without a lot of extra running around.

Business Incubator CenterFor a business starting out or struggling to build their revenues, having access to qualified, experienced staff and coaches, reduced rent, and not having to pay separately for all these “hidden” expenses can make the difference between survival or closure.


So, yes, you can go it alone. By why would you, when you have this resource in your own backyard? Call today for an appointment to see just what the Business Incubator Center can do for you.