Circular Economy Development Center

Innovative, Collaborative End-Market Solutions Built for Colorado

The Circular Economy Development Center helps Colorado’s businesses achieve the maximum value from their products and transition toward a more sustainable future.

Circular economies maximize a product’s usable lifespan to achieve maximum value. At the end of the product’s life, the product and any by-products in its manufacturing are recovered and reused to make new materials or products.

Ultimately, our goal is to create individual, scalable pathways toward circular economies—and step one is creating beneficial collaboration and innovation between Colorado businesses.

If you are interested in establishing or expanding an end-market solution for waste materials in Colorado, your project could benefit from the CEDC’s expertise:

  • Economic development
  • Business development
  • Project management
  • Funding opportunities
  • Site selection, permitting, and compliance.

The CEDC also offers technical expertise to help businesses lower their greenhouse gas emissions:

  • Life cycle analysis
  • Environmental product declaration.

Could your end-market solution benefit from the CEDC’s expertise in project management and network building?


CEDC staff would welcome the opportunity to learn more about your project.

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The CEDC is a program of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment