What is Leading Edge? The Leading Edge Program helps move your business to the next level.  This comprehensive training course provides business owners and entrepreneurs expert guidance in the areas of cash flow management, marketing, finance, personnel, legal issues, and more.  Each participant will receive hands-on assistance in preparing a complete business plan.

Who is the instructor? Nancy Murphy is a forward-thinking marketing executive with a proven track record of creating innovative strategies that deliver double-digit revenue increases to luxury/lifestyle companies.  She holds a BA in English from Trinity University and an MBA from the Kellogg School of management at Northwestern University.  Nancy will be jointed by a blue-ribbon collection of experts.  These experts provide a vast array of real world experience and knowledge to the classroom.

How do I sign up? To apply, click on the green buttons below for the Application and Syllabus.  Tuition is $275.00, and includes the SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS PLAN: Secrets and Strategies workbook, the RESOURCE GUIDE, and 36 hours of classroom time (12 total classes) and 5 hours of individualized consulting.  The sessions run for 12 weeks, every Tuesday night from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.  Space is limited, and you must have your application and payment in by the stated time.

Who can/should participate? Any entrepreneur or small business owner can participate.  Pre-startup, startup, and existing businesses can benefit from Leading Edge.  Historically, 60% of the participants come from existing businesses, and efforts have been made to provide specialized classes within the Leading Edge program to address the special needs of all these phases of business.

How will Leading Edge help my business? Graduates of the Leading Edge comment that writing, reviewing, or updating their business plans helped them organize their business and pointed them in the right direction. Further, they state that the upbeat, knowledgeable instructors impart expertise and instill the knowledge necessary to succeed in their business ventures.

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