As we get ready to launch the third cohort of our Strategic Training for Nonprofits and Agencies Program at the Business Incubator Center, I’d like to reflect on the success of our past sessions, which foster economic development through capacity building in our nonprofits.

Strategic Training for Nonprofits and Agencies Program at the Business Incubator Center is directed by my coworker Jennifer Hood and guided by our team of subject matter experts. It’s specifically designed to bolster the backbone of our community’s for-impact agencies. The upcoming cohort consists of eight week sessions, starting on April 2nd and running through May 14th. The sessions will be held every Tuesday from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm with no cost for attendance and lunch provided. The cohort provides valuable insights into credentialing, human resources, board development, policies & procedures, fundraising and grants, financial management, and more. It’s then followed by 16 weeks of personalized and confidential consulting with our subject matter experts.

Our partnership with Mesa County Behavioral Health has been instrumental in equipping nonprofit and agency leaders with the necessary tools for sustainable operations and strategic planning. This initiative enhances the strategic capacity and operational excellence of participating organizations and helps strengthen the economic fabric of the Grand Valley by promoting the development of robust and sustainable nonprofit models.

The outcomes of the cohort are reflected in improved resilience of nonprofit organizations and in their increased ability to contribute to the area’s economic vitality. By supporting the growth and expansion of these nonprofits, we contribute to a healthier and more diverse economic ecosystem while fostering an environment where strategic planning and effective management are the norm—leading to more jobs, better services, and a stronger community overall.

I invite you to take advantage of this opportunity for growth and learning pivotal for your organization’s long-term prosperity. You can enroll or learn more by following this link to register.

Your participation is a testament to your commitment to driving positive change within our community. I’m personally looking forward to witnessing the positive transformative journey of each nonprofit organization investing in their agency’s future.

In Partnership,

Dalida Sassoon Bollig, CEO
Business Incubator Center