For over 38 years, our community, partners and stakeholders have played a pivotal role driving the Western Colorado Business Development Corp–widely known today as the Business Incubator Center–into a flourishing entrepreneurial ecosystem genuinely meeting the evolving needs of our community.

Entrepreneurship is about people, relationships, and the profound impact we create together. At B.I.C., we focus on putting entrepreneurs front and center, empowering them to lead, innovate, and become the trailblazers our community needs to foster opportunity and rooted growth. As we relaunch our newsletter, we aim to mirror the richness of our entrepreneurial ecosystem, from success stories to discussions on economic development, innovation, initiatives, and more.

It’s with great excitement that I announce our strategic partnership with Colorado Circular Economy, resulting in the establishment of the first satellite office of Circular Economy Development Center on the Western Slope, right here at the Business Incubator Center. There is a natural mission alignment in serving our small business community, fostering long-term viability, innovation, and enhancing the resilience of our communities through diversification and reduction of dependence on our scarce resources.

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Circular economy principles are centered on resource efficiency, sustainability, and minimizing waste through innovative byproduct utilization. The aim is to help create pipelines across diverse sectors such as manufacturing and transportation.

Through this initiative, our goal is to open new doors for small business and entrepreneurship by bringing knowledge, expertise, resources, and collaborative opportunities that will elevate Colorado and the Western Slope as we build a greater economic future together. These are all added wins for our region as we continue fulfilling our core mission of driving impact, promoting job creation and supporting the launch, growth, stabilization and successful long-term economic growth in Mesa County and our region.

You can find the full press release launching this new partnership here.

Here’s to a new year of reinforced commitment to walk the walk, live out the values true to our region, and actively advance opportunities for our communities of entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Thank you for supporting our community of entrepreneurs and for being an integral part of building ours.

Dalida Sassoon Bollig
The Business Incubator Center